Manastirski Livadi - East

About The Project

ARIKA is a modern residential building with elegant and stylish architecture with 53 apartments - one, two and three-bedroom apartments with two underground levels for parking, garages, warehouses.

ARIKA is the latest project in the EMBLEMA portfolio.

The project is located in the city of Sofia, Kv. The project is located in the area of Manastirski livadi - East, close to significant business and shopping centers located in the area of Sofia Blvd. Bulgaria.

The concept is inspired by the desire of modern urban people to live in harmony with nature, natural green vegetation, proximity to a park and Vitosha Mountain. Quiet and peaceful atmosphere, far from industrial sites, combined with the conveniences of modern urban infrastructure - bike paths, public transport, health facilities and large shopping centers. At the same time, our new project is located in a communicative environment with quick access to Ring Road and Blvd. Bulgaria. ARIKA offers many amenities for an active social life, as well as the opportunity to get away from the hectic pulse of city life.

The residential building has an elegant exterior that takes into account the future Linear Park "Manastirski Livadi - East" and the characteristic mountain panorama of the area. As soon as you enter the building, you can feel the overall concept of the project. The lobby gives space and air, and the natural materials define the silhouette of ARIKA.

The clean, modern architecture is crafted on the principle of "design follows function" with the idea of sustainability over time, and the designed homes provide a sense of exclusivity to their future occupants that only a boutique home, can convey.

The facades have been designed to provide maximum light in the homes and common areas of the building, while providing adequate climate comfort for its occupants.

The building is designed with two underground levels, which house 37 parking spaces, 21 garages and warehouses, while 10 floors rise above the site, which house 53 residential units - two, three and multi-bedroom apartments. The layouts provide optimum opportunity for interior design and arrangement, while the spacious living and sleeping areas offer comfort and coziness. Panoramic windows reveal magnificent views of the cityscape and mountains.

As in the company's previous projects, we tailor the materials provided to the surrounding environment and the climatic conditions of the area, with the main principle of achieving high quality in the execution of the project.

ARIKA reflects the values and wishes of our clients. This is our mission - to make each home live its life according to the rhythm of its inhabitants.

For over 20 years we have been creating contemporary homes of high quality and added value. We strive for our designs to bring a unique living environment combined with style, following high standards in execution, with precision to detail, and a personal touch.